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The Gold Rush


Rachel Fisher and Rachel Lenny joined forces at the start of 2021, bringing their Yin & Yang energies together to create something unique and special.  With empowering, confidence building, and feel good dance, paired with grounding, connective yoga, and beautiful sound healing meditation, you are set to leave each event feeling GOLDEN! 



Join us to explore, discover & tap into your authentic deservingness. An event that aims to  allow you the creative space to intuitively listen within, open yourself, value your worth & expand into your magnetism to manifest the love you want in your life. 

It’s time to honour yourself, trust in your own personal power and align with your authenticity. Join us on Sunday, February 6th to connect with your worth and feminine flow to call in with abundance the love you want to both give and receive this year .

Expect Dance, Cyrstal Healing Sound Meditation, Cacao Circle, and delicious snacks made by

Peachy Palate.

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